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Three Questions to Ask Your Academic Advisor

by M. McCray College life is full of surprises, but students shouldn't feel caught off guard by them. If you’re proactive, you can prepare yourself for all the twists and turns that come with spending time or living on campus. Here are a few good questions to ask your...

zant, inc.

A note from the Editor: Ponder's New Home

Hey! My name is Alex Dyer, and I've been spearheading the efforts for Ponder's growth to over 3,500 subscribers. If you're reading this, congratulations: you're one of them, and I couldn't be more grateful. I just have two announcements to make, regarding this week's newsletter. 1. We've recently moved...

zant, inc.

Ted Lasso and Masculinity

As a child, I am sure your elders constantly told you how 'unique and special' you were. For those who told you this, it was their way of making you feel confident. Even though you aren't a child anymore, I am sure, at times, it would still feel good to...

zant, inc.

How the Star Wars Franchise Depicts Mental Health

A great part of the human experience in both fictional and nonfictional media is the battle of good versus evil. But what about the battle against ourselves? In Star Wars, it is both. There is a myriad of content created based off of George Lucas’ original vision, whether it be...

zant, inc.

Inlet Sonnet

ー-ー-ーー-ーーー-ーーーーー 灰 ーーーーー-ーーー-ーー-ー-ー The honeyed scent of decomposing leaves revealed the end of autumn, drawing near. But while the oaks and elms sloughed off the year, I’d—rather foolishly—chosen to grieve. Driving my tuxedo-black sedan up and down the coast was beginning to get tiresome. My twin sister...

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