Hey! My name is Alex Dyer, and I've been spearheading the efforts for Ponder's growth to over 3,500 subscribers. If you're reading this, congratulations: you're one of them, and I couldn't be more grateful. I just have two announcements to make, regarding this week's newsletter.

  1. We've recently moved domains from Webflow to Ghost, and I think this migration will be good for the overall traction of the newsletter. Ghost enables us to send out newsletters at the same time as posting to the website, and has integrated a lot more features that fit the goal of Ponder.
  2. A new article by staff writer Nick Romano, following up on "Sitcoms for Your Soul," takes a dive into Ted Lasso and how its male characters present and subvert traditional masculinity.
  3. One of zant, inc's providers, Tiff Preston-Thomas, is conducting an anonymous survey regarding divorce for anyone 18 and over. You can access the form HERE. If you like filling out forms (like my brain does), please check it out, and help aggregate information on mental health.

Thank you so much.

Alex Dyer, Editor-in-Chief, Ponder.

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